Fighting Keto-Flu

Recently, when experimenting with a more intense ketogenic diet, I experienced 9 days of ‘keto-flu’: headaches, disrupted sleep, and low energy being the most noticeable symptoms. My transition to a full-on ketogenic diet was no doubt easier than those who switch from a standard Western diet as I had been following a low-carb, high-fat diet for about seven months. Here are the tips and tricks which helped me to endure the keto-flu!

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What I Eat in a Day: Christmas

At Christmas, when it comes to food, most of us like to indulge a little…or a lot. In the past, I would follow a strict-diet during the lead up to Christmas, leaving all the sweet treats to be devoured from Christmas Eve through to Boxing Day. This was obviously an unhealthy pattern, and one which I am happy to break this year, thanks to my paleo, cyclic ketogenic diet. Here’s what I’ll be eating on Christmas Day:

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