Shop-Bought vs Homemade: Ice Cream

Although I have transformed my diet to a healthier one, I can still be found eating ice cream at 7 o’clock in the morning. The key difference between my previous and current ice cream munching habits is that I now make my own using wholesome ingredients.



The majority of ice creams on offer in supermarkets contain various stabilisers, artificial flavourings, and sugars. In fact, one brand of ice cream which is marketed towards diabetics actually contains sugar in three different forms! These ingredients are responsible for ice cream’s unhealthy label. A few brands do use organic dairy, free-range eggs, and natural flavourings, making them a preferable choice over those with countless ingredients, but they still contain large amounts of sugar. As always, homemade is the optimal choice!


Apart from the taste, the best thing about making ice cream from scratch is choice of quality ingredients. Staples in my diet, such as grass-fed butter, coconut oil, and free-range eggs, all feature in my homemade ketogenic ice cream. Whereas before, a breakfast of ice cream was one of the least healthy choices I could have made, now it is one of the healthiest!

Look out for the recipe for a special Valentine’s Day ice cream, on the blog Saturday!




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