Should You Pile on the Pork?

There is a perception that a ketogenic diet primarily revolves around eating bacon and butter. Although I eat butter with every meal, bacon and other pork products only form part of my diet once in a while.


  • Pigs eat just about anything!

If a pig has access to lush, green pastures all year this is not so much of an issue, but conventionally raised pigs are often fed low-quality grains, brimming with mould toxins. These inflammatory toxins cause weight gain1 (not just in the pig, but also in the animal that eats it!). Many farmers are aware of this and, wanting to increase their profit, choose to feed their pigs the cheapest, mouldiest grains available before slaughter. Contrary to this, there are producers in the UK ,such as Eversfield Organic, who take pride in the welfare, care, and quality of life given to their animals. So, when I occasionally eat pork, I buy from them.

  • High sensitivity to mould
  • Curing ingredients

Some ingredients used in cures, such as sugars and nitrates (if not prepared properly) are problematic . So, although I enjoy eating bacon, I only choose to do so on special occasions, such as Christmas. If I could find uncured, unsmoked bacon from organic, pastured pigs I might eat it more regularly! Read The Science of Bacon: How to Hack Your Pork for the best ways to prepare your pork. I have yet to try it, but Spoiltpig Unsmoked Dry Cured Bacon uses a cure containing ascorbic acid (vitamin C) alongside sodium nitrate, which helps to turn the nitrates into nitric oxide as opposed to carcinogens3.

My Recommendations

These are both from Eversfield Organic.

Pork Loin Steaks – These are delicious with herby butter or diced in a curry – see my recipe on Saturday!

Cocktails Sausages / Pork Chipolatas – these are both gluten-free, contain minimal ingredients, and are delicious! Please note: They do contain a small amount of vegetable flakes derived from peas (containing lectins) which can cause digestive issues in some people4. I enjoyed these over the Christmas period when I chose to eat more of a paleo diet than a ketogenic one.




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