A Few Fats

I try to include various fat sources on my plate to ensure I am supplying my body with the optimal intake for its daily functions. Here’s how:



Bulletproof Coffee – The grass-fed butter / ghee, extra-virgin coconut oil, and MCT oil combined with the coffee provide plenty of energy to sustain me throughout the morning.


Eggs – Soft-boiled eggs are a staple in my diet because they provide a host of health benefits, they are inexpensive, and the taste and velvety texture of a runny egg yolk is unlike anything else! I could bathe in it.

Oily fish – Wild Alaskan Sockeye salmon, sardines, and mackerel are my favourite choices; they are high in omega-3 fatty acids and don’t contain a large amount of mercury. Click here to read more!

Avocado – I tend to eat an avocado every day. It’s one of my favourite fat sources because there is no preparation, it can be eaten on the go, and it provides numerous health benefits. I never cook avocado as the monounsaturated fats can become damaged.

Vegetables with coconut oil or ghee / butter – I pair my vegetables with a tablespoon of saturated fat for flavour and optimal nutrient-absorption.

All of these ingredients are used in my Mackerel Salad Niçoise!

Afternoon drink

Bone broth blended with collagen, MCT oil, and ghee – I prefer to have this nourishing drink over coffee as it can be enjoyed without the worry of sleep disruption. It provides an energy-boost thanks to the MCT and ghee.


Grass-fed meat – Grass-fed meat tends to be lower in fat compared to grain-fed. If eating a lean cut, I will cook it with a stable, saturated fat such as ghee or MCT oil, and add more fat to serve.

Vegetables with coconut oil or ghee / butter – The same as lunch.

Pudding (if hungry)

Ice cream (eggs, butter, and coconut oil – find the recipe for a Mocha variation here)

Or, 100% dark chocolate with a few macadamia nuts.

Extra fats

Cacao butter – You need to try this in Bulletproof Coffee! I also use cacao butter when baking.

Extra-virgin olive oil – I rarely use olive oil because I prefer the nutrient profiles of other fats (coconut oil, butter / ghee) but when I do eat it, it’s never heated.

Avocado oil – I always opt for a whole avocado over the oil but it can be delicious as a salad dressing. I actually use avocado oil as a skin moisturiser more frequently than as a food.

I’d be interested to hear which fats you favour in your diet and why, so please feel free to leave me a comment!



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