Kick-Start with Coffee

The effects of coffee consumption have been the focus of many studies. I was keen to research why I experienced both positive and negative effects when drinking coffee and found it to be dependent on such factors as current health, the quality of the beans, and the time of drinking.



Most days, I start my day with a cup of coffee, specifically Bulletproof Coffee. It kick-starts my brain and body by improving cognitive function1and boosting metabolism2 whilst keeping me in nutritional ketosis, thanks to the fats.


Since trying Bulletproof Coffee I haven’t found anything that can replace it. It’s creamy, delicious and satiating; if you haven’t tried it yet then what on earth have you been doing? Sort yourself out.

I make mine using grass-fed ghee, XCT Oil or Brain Octane and ideally Upgraded Beans. In the UK, as we have tighter regulations on some forms of mycotoxins than other countries,  from time to time I will use other beans without noticing any detrimental effects. However, it’s important to note that whilst some mycotoxins cause negative symptoms soon after consumption (such as headaches), others produce no significant symptoms until a considerable amount of harm has already been done to the body3. In the long term, excessive mycotoxin exposure can lead to health complications such as infertility and cancer4. So, I choose the highest quality beans whenever possible.


Breakfast = Bulletproof Coffee. If I’m out for the day I will make extra in the morning, store it in a flask to have later as it’s often tricky to find something healthy and satiating whilst on-the-go. Occasionally, I’ll drink an espresso but I’d rather choose the improved focus and energy provided by Bulletproof Coffee any day.

There are some occasions when I will avoid coffee.

  • Headaches

If I have a headache I simply avoid coffee.

  • Anxiety

Caffeine consumption is widely purported to exacerbate anxiety. I believe I have only experienced heightened anxiety after drinking coffee due to the use of suspect beans, not the caffeine content.

  • Detox

Every once in a while I replace my morning coffee with bone broth, herbal teas, or simply food.

Top tip: Brushing teeth with a little activated charcoal after drinking coffee can help to prevent and remove stains. Try my Homemade Toothpaste!




5 thoughts on “Kick-Start with Coffee

  1. Great post. I make home made BPC but it tends to make me feel ill so i just use cream these days. In saying that now it is summer here in Australia- before training in the mornings i have a boiled egg and a glass of water with lemon and coconut oil which works well too


      1. Hi yes mix it all together but don’t use cold cold water otherwise the oil will separate and harden! I would prefer MCT but oil is cheaper at the moment


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