What I Eat in a Day: Christmas

At Christmas, when it comes to food, most of us like to indulge a little…or a lot. In the past, I would follow a strict-diet during the lead up to Christmas, leaving all the sweet treats to be devoured from Christmas Eve through to Boxing Day. This was obviously an unhealthy pattern, and one which I am happy to break this year, thanks to my paleo, cyclic ketogenic diet. Here’s what I’ll be eating on Christmas Day:


Bulletproof Coffee is my favourite breakfast choice and to make it even more indulgent I might add some Willie’s Cacao Pure Gold 100% dark chocolate, gelatinised maca and ground ginger.



Before sitting down to lunch, we like to enjoy a few appetisers with drinks. In the past, these would include foods such as cheesy crackers, mini pies, battered prawns, olives and crisps. Olives will still be making an appearance as they are full of healthy fats but I have devised some equally delicious options to replace the less-healthy snacks, including lemon and thyme nibbles and toasted nuts – find the recipes for both by clicking here.

We never eat turkey for Christmas lunch as we much prefer roasted rib of beef. It’s full of flavour, succulent and healthier as it is 100% grass-fed and finished. All our Christmas meat comes from Eversfield Organic.

To accompany the beef, we have more traditional sides but with a few twists such as brussels sprouts with bacon, fresh ginger and sage (find the recipe here), pigs in blankets, sweet potatoes, carrots and parsnips all cooked in grass-fed butter / ghee with herbs. Our gravy is made with bone broth and thickened with sweet rice flour. Although the family eat Yorkshire puddings, I am more than happy to have an extra serving of vegetables instead!


For pudding, we have a few different options lined up. As much as I love the taste of Christmas Pudding, I’m not so keen on the way it makes me feel due to all the sugar so I will be giving that and my father’s Bailey’s bread and butter pudding a miss. Instead, I’m making some Get-Some Ice Cream, Bulletproof Cupcakes and homemade chocolates, which are equally as indulgent but also very healthy!


Merry Christmas!




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