Top Ten Keto Staples

These are the foods I eat most frequently. They are excellent value for money and packed full of nutrients, not to mention easy to prepare and cook.


  • Grass-fed ghee

It’s a tough call between ghee and coconut oil, but the slightly caramelised flavour of ghee makes it my favourite fat. I use it in Bulletproof Coffee, for cooking and as a condiment on meat, fish and veggies.

  • Avocado

I eat an avocado most days as they are full of fats, with a small amount of protein and fibre. When on the go, I simply cut in half, score slices and reassemble into a whole avocado to prevent browning.

  • Sardines

Sardines are an ideal food for a ketogenic diet as they contain an optimal balance of fat, protein and carbs. Tinned sardines are incredibly cheap for something so nutrient-dense. At 40p per can, I always have a plentiful supply to sustain me throughout the week.

  • Grass-fed mince

Although I would happily eat steak or lamb chops every day, grass-fed mince is great value, very versatile and delicious.

  • Eggs

I include eggs in my first meal of the day, usually lunch. Click here to read about the benefits of eating eggs early in the day.

  • Extra-virgin coconut oil

If I can’t find some high-quality grass-fed butter to make ghee, or I simply don’t have the time, I rely on coconut oil. I use it for cooking, baking, and to top meat, fish and vegetables. In fact, the mild coconut flavour compliments some dishes as well as ghee, if not better.

  • MCT oil

I use MCT oil every morning in coffee as it boosts ketones, supplying a quick burst of energy. I drizzle it over meals, particularly when having a carb re-feed. This ensures that some ketones are present in my system even when there is a supply of glucose. By doing this, I find that I bounce back into ketosis more quickly the following day.

  • Leafy green vegetables

Although this isn’t strictly one staple, I couldn’t leave leafy greens off the list as I eat them with every meal, apart from breakfast. Brussels sprouts, broccoli, kale and spinach are my favourites.

  • Fresh herbs and spices

Not only do spices such as turmeric, ginger and garlic have numerous health benefits, they add great flavour to recipes, as do fresh herbs.

  • 100% dark chocolate

I travel over to the dark side when I fancy some pudding, eating a few squares of 100% chocolate. I recommend trying Willies Cacao or the Bulletproof Chocolate Fuel Bars.




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