Seasonal Starches

I follow a paleo, cyclic ketogenic diet, and so include carb re-feeds from time to time. Recently, I have committed to eating seasonal foods, locally-grown whenever possible. Why?



  • Nutrients

Eating a variety of vegetables at different times of the year allows for a wide range of nutrients. I enjoy the antioxidants and polyphenols of wild berries in the summer months but am happy to replace them with vitamin A and C rich winter squash throughout the colder months. I no longer have much of a sweet-tooth so actually prefer to get my starches from vegetables rather than fruit.

  • Variety

Eating seasonally, gives the opportunity to try new foods and expand the palate. I stumbled across Kabocha, Acorn and Kuri squashes in the supermarket the other day – never heard of them but I’m looking forward to trying them over the next few weeks!

  • Saving money

Throughout the year, non-seasonal produce is available in most supermarkets. Not only will you feel the significant effect of this in your pocket, as the price will include transportation costs, but also in your health. It is highly likely that this produce will have been sprayed with harmful fertilisers, to force growth, as well as fungicides and pesticides to maintain freshness.

  • Helping the planet

Buying local produce helps to reduce the CO2 emissions released from transporting fruit and vegetables.


What’s in season?

Each month, I refer to this website, Eat the Seasons, to see which vegetables I should be looking out for in shops. At the moment, I’m enjoying butternut squash, a winter squash, with its sweet, nutty taste, as well as parsnips; a true sign that Christmas is on the way!






2 thoughts on “Seasonal Starches

  1. Completely agree – eating seasonally is the only way. I do all my fresh fruit and veg shopping at our local markets here in Melbourne and not only is it cheaper, but it forces you to be creative too – too much choice often just leaves me baffled and I can never decide what to cook! PS – GREAT insta feed, love your posts!!

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    1. Exactly! It’s so easy to fall into the trap of eating the same foods over and over again, especially when following a specific diet. I have definitely become more creative since deciding to eat seasonally! I wish there were more local markets where I live; we have one that comes on a Friday and Saturday but there are only a couple of fruit and veg stalls. Luckily, the supermarket I normally go to often provides veg from local farmers.
      Thank you very much for saying so! I love your feed too, your photos are always so crisp and gorgeous!


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