Adapting Favourite Recipes for Keto

Before starting a new diet, many people feel anxious about the social implications of eating different food to family and friends. However, this worry can be conquered with a few simple alterations to classic recipes. Meals can be far more nutritious, equally as delicious and have less prep-time.

At the moment, most people view a meal with low or no carbs as incomplete. Another misconception is that hunger will surely follow after a meal lacking in carbs but, if you are keto-adapted, you will know the opposite is true.

albumtemp-14How to adapt recipes

  • Use high quality, saturated fats for cooking. Grass-fed butter / ghee, extra virgin coconut oil and tallow are all great options. In my experience, if you eat enough fat, you shouldn’t feel hungry for about 5 hours between each meal.
  • Substitute starches / carbs for low carb vegetables. For example, white rice → cauliflower / broccoli ‘rice’, spaghetti → courgetti.
  • If following a cyclic ketogenic diet, be wise about which carbs you use. At the moment, my seasonal favourites are butternut squash, which can be spiralised, sweet potato to make mash, and pumpkin for soup.
  • Don’t be afraid to experiment! When I started keto, I stuck to the same 4-5 recipes, knowing they provided me with all the necessary nutrition. But, there is no reason to rely on the same combinations of flavours. Now, I eat simply throughout the week and try out new recipes over the weekends.
  • If you are cooking for family but are the only one following a ketogenic diet, you could easily serve the same low-carb meal for everyone and cook optional carbs, such as sweet potato chips / mash.
  • When thickening sauces, I use a small amount of sweet rice flour instead of corn or plain flour.
  • Use apple cider vinegar instead of white wine vinegar.






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