Lean Protein on Keto

When I first started a ketogenic diet, lean proteins such as chicken and white fish were not on the menu. These were the foods I had eaten as part of several high protein, low fat diets, but wanting to up my fat intake, I decided to swap them for fatty fish and meats. However, I have since reintroduced lean proteins with a few keto tweaks.



  • Organic chicken breast
  • Wild haddock
  • Wild cod
  • Grass-fed beef / lamb mince


  • More variety.
  • There are some instances where you might want to eat lower fat foods, such as after exercise.


  • After exercising, I still eat fat, but less of it. This is an instance where lean protein sources are ideal.
  • High quality sources of fatty fish / meat aren’t always readily available so opting for a lean protein, and adding your own healthy fat, might be the best option.
  • When I changed my diet to a ketogenic one, I rarely ate the same as my family, but now I have learnt how to adapt meals to fit my macros.


  • Add high quality fats. For example, with roast chicken I add some grass-fed butter, pass on the Yorkshire puddings and load up on green veggies. Alternatively, try my Keto Kedgeree.
  • If eating lean protein after exercise, use herbs or lemon juice for flavour. Although fat always makes a dish more tasty, a meal low in fat does not have to be bland.






5 thoughts on “Lean Protein on Keto

    1. Hi there, I usually do a carb re-feed after exercise in order to restore leptin and as far as I’m aware, I don’t think fat has much of an effect on leptin. Also, as I’m eating more carbs and the same amount of protein, I don’t want to go into a calorie surplus so I choose to reduce fat during my carb re-feeds / after exercise. Do you find maintaining the usual amount of fat after exercise works for you?


      1. Hi, I am not a believer in regular carb re-feeds. My re-feeds are more social related, where if I am on holiday or out with friends I will morph from Keto to LCHF. After exercise I actually go the opposite way from you, I actually up my fats. Allowing my glycogen stores to replenish naturally over the coming days. That being said, currently my training is 90% in the fat burning zone. So once I start training harder and racing next year, I will have to play around with my carbs strategically. However this will probably be more before a long run or race, not after.

        How are you finding the whole lifestyle in general?

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      2. Oh I see! Have you found that to be more successful than carb re-feeds after exercise or have you always stuck with fat? I would be interested to try not re-feeding so frequently but am concerned about my hormones as I am a woman. I have recently recovered from thyroid and hormonal imbalances so I feel nervous to go too long without carbs as I have read this can cause disruptions for women. I look forward to reading about your experiences when you start training harder and racing next year! In general, I love the keto lifestyle. When I first switched to this way of eating, I couldn’t believe how much better my mind and body started functioning. I had finally seen the light! I never become bored of eating high-fat foods as well so it really is a lifestyle for me, rather than a diet. I have few to no complaints! How about you?


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