Should I Weigh Vegetables on Keto?

There is much debate in the paleo/keto community on how strict one should be with carb intake. Some people choose to consume up to 15g, some 30g and others consider under 150g to be”low-carb”; it depends on an individual’s goals and situation. Those hoping to build muscle through lifting heavy weights will likely incorporate more carbs than someone who is seeking relief from neurological disorders such as epilepsy1.

albumtemp-10Not falling into either of these camps, my daily carb intake is not under scrutiny. However, when starting out on keto, I did weigh my food to ensure that I was eating macronutrients in the correct proportions for my personal goals. Doing this for the first few weeks taught me to visualise the carb content of various vegetables, making the kitchen scales redundant.

On a typical day, I stick to leafy greens as they are packed with nutrients but very few carbs. ¾ of my plate is made up of these veggies, the remaining ¼ is protein and I add healthy fats on top; I find this method of portioning far easier and healthier compared to meticulous measuring and weighing. Thanks to my initial weighing of veggies, I am confident that I do not consume over 30g carbs each day. Similarly, when it comes to carb refeeds, I no longer weigh starchy vegetables as I feel more in-tune with my body’s needs. I will alter the amount I eat, depending on when I last ate starch and how much of it I had.

When starting a ketogenic diet, weighing foods and checking to see how much of each food group you are eating can makes things easier. However, in my opinion, once you have a grasp on vegetables’ carb content, weighing is not essential for success. In the past, I would focus solely on calories rather than the quality of food which lead to an unhealthy fixation on numbers. Having the absence of worry over exact quantities makes the ketogenic diet so much easier to stick to; that extra layer of restriction is removed.

Perhaps if my goals change I will start monitoring my carb intake for a short period of time but, at the moment, it is unnecessary.

Do you find weighing vegetables on keto helpful? I would be interested to hear your thoughts so please leave a comment below.






5 thoughts on “Should I Weigh Vegetables on Keto?

  1. I try to have mostly green veges with my protein and fat like you, I do eat pumpkin and beets a small amount. I cannot be bothered to weigh but hope for the best with my macros. I skip breakfast so just eat lunch and dinner, I try to finish eating by 6 pm and not eat for 18 hours but I do often have a coffee in the mornings to keep me going. I wish keto blood strips were cheaper then I would test more often to see how I am doing.

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    1. It seems our diets are very similar; I try to finish eating around 6 and fast for 18 hours as well. I have never used keto blood strips but I do want to try them at some point. I don’t think I would want to test it too regularly though as I’m sure it’s easy to obsess over – the same as weighing food! How often do you eat pumpkin and beets? Thanks for commenting!


      1. Now that it’s spring I won’t eat pumpkin and just raw Beetroot in salads, I think Beetroot is so beneficial that I don’t mind a small amount in salads and its not going to up my carbs too much. I swing from lowcarb to keto sometimes being more strongly keto and sometimes allowing myself a glass of wine and lots of the sweeter vegetables like tomatoes and pepppers.


      2. Oh that’s interesting, I must admit I haven’t looked into the benefits of beetroot but if you would recommend it then I might have to try it! That seems like an ideal approach. Once I am at my optimal health / weight, I plan on altering my amount of carbs from time to time to keep my body guessing!

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