An Egg a Day Keeps the Brain Fog Away…

Breakfast, lunch or dinner; I eat eggs everyday. Containing eighteen different vitamins and minerals1, they provide a whole range of health benefits, from boosting mental performance to protecting eye health2.


As with many animal products, the birds’ quality of life has a direct impact on their eggs’ nutritional profile3. Mother Earth News magazine carried out a study comparing free range (pastured) eggs to conventional ones. They found that the pastured eggs contained seven times more beta-carotene, three times more vitamin E, double the amount of omega-3s, and two thirds more vitamin A. I have found that the quality of an egg can easily be determined by looking at the colour of its yolk: an egg rich in nutrients, specifically vitamin A and antioxidants, will have a deep golden / orange yolk. I choose to buy eggs from Clarence Court because, as you can see from the photograph, their hens lay beautiful eggs with vibrant yolks – absolutely delicious!

I suspected for a number of months that I had an allergy to eggs as my skin would flush after eating them. Having read on various skin health sites that eggs might be a cause of acne / rosacea, I eliminated them from my diet to see if my symptoms improved. They did not. Thankfully, my recent food allergy test came back negative so eggs are back on the menu!

How I include eggs in my diet

  • Soft-boil a dozen eggs for snacks throughout the week

With hardly any carbs, they make a great keto food on the go. Soft-boiling eggs, along with other light methods of cooking such as poaching, helps to retain their nutrients4.

  • Morning eggs

Thanks to the B-vitamins, fats and choline, eggs are an excellent brain food5. In particular, choline helps to improve memory5, so eggs are part of my go-to breakfast when I need optimal focus.

  • Add a yolk to Bulletproof Coffee

This creates a creamy consistency, similar to a milkshake.

  • Ice cream!

Try Get Some Ice Cream

Other uses:

  • I am currently in the process of experimenting with a “no-poo” (steady on, as in ‘shampoo‘) regime. After much trial and error, I have found that a mixture of eggs and honey works very well with my hair, effectively removing excess sebum oil.






Disclaimer: I am not sponsored by any brands mentioned.


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