Keto on the Go

When transitioning to a ketogenic, paleo diet, one aspect which can seem overwhelming is the amount of food preparation and cooking required. I noticed that my time in the kitchen significantly increased as I decided to prepare my meals from scratch. But, this doesn’t mean hours of cooking each day to acquire all the nutrition I need.

albumtemp-7I appreciate that after a long day at work, preparing supper as well as food for the next day is more time-consuming than picking up a ready-meal and sandwich on the way home. However, as my health is paramount, I would rather sacrifice half an hour’s leisure to ensure an optimal supply of fuel for my brain and body whilst working.

Keto foods on the go

Not only to be used as a quick, satiating breakfast, an Iced Bulletproof Coffee can offer a mid-morning/lunchtime boost, preventing hunger and performance crashes (both brain and body). When on the go, I frequently prepare some extra Iced Bulletproof Coffee in a travel mug, giving it a quick stir before drinking.

  • Eggs

By boiling a dozen eggs at the weekend, you can ensure a supply of nutritious snacks throughout the week.

  • Avocado

I recommend slicing an avocado in half, scoring segments before reassembling the avocado as a whole. This way, you don’t have to pack cutlery and can simply peel away the skin when feeling hungry. Also, it prevents the avocado from browning.

  • Prepare extra at dinner

Create two meals with minimal extra effort. Leftovers, with a few additions, can make a delicious meal for lunch the following day. My sardine and black olive fish cakes are a great example of how easy this is.

  • Pre-prepared salad

By creating a salad with a source of protein (meat, fish or eggs), some raw or steamed vegetables (broccoli, courgette or kale) and a source of fat (extra virgin olive oil or ghee) you have a tasty and filling salad.

Take a couple of these for dessert.

Buy a 200g bag of nuts each week, divide it into handful sized portions and take one in your bag each day. Not only does this ensure you will have a healthy snack option, it will stop you eating the entire bag in one sitting!

  • Olives

As these are high in fat, they make a great snack.




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