Take Out vs Cook In

A take out once a week has become a regular habit for many households. It’s quick, easy and undeniably tasty. However, what should leave a bad taste in your mouth is the prospect of internal damage caused by the sugars, inflammatory fats and poor quality meat; that, as well as the expense.

One of the main problems with ordering food from some restaurants is one of provenance. There is often no indication of the quality of the ingredients used when creating dishes and, bearing in mind their main aims are profit and flavour, this is hardly surprising. By using cheap cooking oils, low quality meat and the additional artificial flavourings and sugars they can kill two birds with one stone. Of course they are mindful of the customer’s health to a certain extent, cases of food poisoning are bad for business, but the headaches, fatigue, weight gain and brain fog caused by this type of food should be of equal concern. In an ideal world they would be more aware of the harm caused by some ingredients, but in reality, the responsibility lies with us, the consumer.

Chicken curry 1

So, how can you solve this problem?

The best way to avoid the negative side-effects of take out food is to avoid it. However, I appreciate that inviting friends over on a Saturday night for an indian takeaway and film is a go-to social event for a lot of people. In which case there are a few alternatives:

  1.  Get in the kitchen! Creating a delicious, crowd-pleasing dish does not mean hours slaving away over the cooker. My recipe for chicken curry with fresh ginger cauli-rice  is simple, nutritious and packs in so much flavour, it beats an indian takeaway any day!
  2. Order from a healthier restaurant. It’s worth searching your area to see what choices are available to you as a number of healthy restaurants offer a take out service. Although this option is still likely to be less healthy than a homemade meal, if you are going to deviate from your optimal diet, this is a reasonable compromise.
  3. Take activated charcoal. This is a supplement I take any time I eat food of an unknown quality, from an unknown source. It quickly binds to toxins in the body, helping to flush them out, consequently reducing the negative side effects caused by a suspect meal. I choose to use Bulletproof Upgraded Coconut Charcoal due to its guaranteed quality. Order it directly from their website or here for UK residents.








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